Business Model

One Canal

  Building a “canal” between IP and IPO with nine platforms, creating an ecosystem for the innovation of technological achievement transformation, and improving the drivers of scientific and technological innovation.

  Five Stages in the Development of Technology Enterprises

  Stage I: From 0 to 1, from creativities to products
  Stage II: From 1 to 10, from products to sales
  Stage III: From 10 to 100, from sales to profits
  Stage IV: From 100 to 1,000, from profits to IPOs
  Stage V: From 1,000 to 10,000, from IPOs to leading enterprises in industries.

Combination of Fund and Base:

  The operation mode of “fund + base” provides a full chain of services from infrastructure to equity investment and financial services to technology enterprises, aiming to build a cluster of strategic emerging industries. The fund will play a leading role in finance, and the base will play the role of carrier, both of which intend to integrate various development factors and develop new drivers for regional innovation.

Coordination of Three Chains:

  The innovation chain formed by over 100 CAS institutes and institutions over the past decades, the industrial chain formed by technology enterprises in various sectors, and the capital chain formed by multi-level capital markets are deeply integrated and coordinated, and drive the development of each other. In the new era and under the new national mechanism, “government”, “industry”, “education”, “research” and “application” are combined to provide strong support for the innovation-driven development.

Relay of 4 “Ps”

  An ecosystem from Intellectual Properties, Limited Partners, General Partners to Strategic Partners will be built to form a favorable strategic synergy, and transform technology into strong and effective drivers boosting the economic and social development.

Key Technology

  The concept of Key Technology which refers to an original technology with high technical threshold and clear application scenarios which is developed with long-term research and accumulation based on scientific discoveries and technological inventions. It is the representation of the world’s most advanced level of scientific and technological development which will lead a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change and have far-reaching and widespread impact on the economic society.

  Current fields: photoelectric chips, artificial intelligence, aeronautics and astronautics, biotechnology, information technology, new materials, new energy, intelligent manufacturing etc.

Green Technology

  Green development is supported by green technology. Green Technology refers to the technology that can meet the needs of green development. Green Technology mainly includes "4C" technologies: clean technology, computing technology, health care technology and creative technology.

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