4P Linkage Innovation Forum Held in Beijing


On May 27, 2021, 4P Linkage Innovation Forum and the promotion conference of medical and health S&T achievements were successfully held in Beijing.

微信截图_20220516122309.pngThe 4P Linkage Innovation Forum is a platform for technology transfer created by CAS Venture Capital. The purpose is to link IP, LP, GP, SP and other market elements, and form a whole chain relay ecosystem that from the source of innovation, financial capital to market application.

Medical and health is a long-term focus of CAS Venture Capital. Chairman Lebin Wu, analyzed the current situation of the health industry and released seven health needs. In order to accelerate the technology transfer in the health industry, CAS Venture Capital will unite various forces to build a three-chain linkage platform of industry, innovation and capital, and accumulate development momentum through scientific and technological innovation.

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