Top Science and Technology Breakthroughs in 2022


"Eye on the sky" probes the universe 

The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope made several discoveries that challenged conventional understanding of the universe. They included a new type of repeating fast radio burst — extremely brief but bright flashes in the sky — and the largest atom cloud in the universe, 20 times bigger than the Milky Way.

Fish fossil discoveries help rewrite the history of evolution 

Chinese paleontologists discovered fish fossils from around 440 million years ago that provided the "missing link" in the evolutionary origin of the jaw and provided an insight into how humans and other jawed animals evolved from ancient fish.


China launches the world's first comprehensive solar probe 

The Advanced Space-Based Solar Observatory studies solar flares, coronal mass ejections and solar magnetic fields. The instrument provides critical insights on these powerful solar activities and their impact on space weather and infrastructure on Earth.

Scientists detail the basic mechanism of photocatalysts 

Chinese scientists have mapped the electric charge transfer for turning water into hydrogen gas using sunlight and a catalyst. The breakthrough will allow scientists to improve the efficiency of photocatalysts, paving the way for the green production of hydrogen.

Construction of Tiangong Space Station is completed 

In October, three decades of work culminated in China completing its first space station. The launch of the Mengtian lab module cemented the country's position alongside the United States and Russia as one of the world's three top space powers.


Scientific expedition hits milestones 

Scientists from China's second comprehensive scientific expedition to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau set up the world's highest automatic weather station at an altitude of 8,830 meters on Qomolangma, aka Mount Everest. They also set a new world record for the highest aerostat with the Jimu-1 III at 9,032 meters above sea level.

Landmark global standards 

The nation's scientists spearheaded and published two landmark international standards: ISO 24603 for stem cell research and ISO 34501 for testing self-driving vehicle technologies. They signaled that the country has become a globally recognized front-runner in these fields.

Black soil preserved with science 

Chinese scientists made many breakthroughs that enabled them to effectively use and protect the country's highly fertile black soil. Some notable achievements included uncovering the mechanisms of black soil degradation, the creation of new soybean varieties and the development of advanced agricultural machinery.


Lunar sample reveals moon mysteries 

China's scientists made many discoveries using a lunar sample collected during the Chang'e-5 mission. These included a new mineral on the moon named Chang'e Stone, and the first on-site evidence of water on the satellite.

Artificial intelligence helps to discover new antibiotics 

The nation's scientists used machine learning to identify new antimicrobial peptides in the human gut. The technique enables researchers to create new antibiotics to fight drug-resistant bacteria, which has become a global public health challenge. (China Daily)

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