CAS Releases "Ten Scientific Questions on the Frontiers of High-End Manufacturing"


The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) released “Ten Scientific Questions on the Frontiers of High-End Manufacturing” at its 5th Yanqi Lake Conference on 27th June, 2023.

The ten scientific questions were chosen from more than 100 candidate questions covering various fields of high-end manufacturing, particularly in laser manufacturing, micro- and nano-manufacturing, and robotized intelligent manufacturing.

All candidate questions were collected from invited experts globally in relevant fields prior to the meeting, then reviewed by a special expert group, and finally refined through in-depth discussions during the meeting, according to DING Han, member of CAS and also chairman of the Yanqi Lake meeting.

The ten questions were released worldwide to inspire scientists to challenge scientific frontiers and further advance the high-end manufacturing fields, said CAS member LUO Jianbin, co-chairman of the meeting.

The ten questions are:

1. How to achieve controllable manufacturing at the atomic scale?

2. How does robotized manufacturing impact the future manufacturing paradigm?

3. How to precisely control geometry and performance in high-energy-beam additive manufacturing?

4. How to generate new matter and materials based on arbitrary elements and structures?

5. How to realize human-like skills in robotic operations?

6. What are the mechanisms and effects of energy-carrier spatio-temporal evolution during extreme-light-field manufacturing?

7. How to achieve heterogeneous cross-scale manufacturing?

8. How to achieve performance-driven high-value added manufacturing?

9. How to realize simultaneously high efficiency and high performance in multi-scale laser manufacturing?

10. How to realize future manufacturing robot systems?

The 5th Yanqi Lake Conference focuses on the frontiers of high-end manufacturing. It analyzes scientific frontier issues, facilitates interdisciplinary and international academic exchanges, and provides scientific support and strategic consultations for interdisciplinary and cross-industry innovation in key scientific and technological areas.

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