QuantumCTek successfully listed on Science and Technology Innovation Board


   Kedaduodun Quantum Technology Co., Ltd. (QuantumCTek, stock code: 688027) was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board on July 9, 2020 as the "first share of quantum communication", the stock price rose by more than 1000% on the day of listing. The closing price was 370.45 yuan, up 923.91%, and market value at 29.636 billion yuan. As of today's closing (the fourth trading day after listing), the stock price of QuantumCTek has risen more than 12 times, with a market value of 34.8 billion yuan.

   QuantumCTek is the vanguard of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in exploring the way of quantum information industry, and is a successful example of the implementation of "innovation chain, industry chain, and capital chain" linkage by CAS holdings (CASH) former Chairman Wu Lebin.

   With the strong support of relevant national departments, local governments and all walks of life, relying on the strong scientific research strength of quantum information technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, QuantumCTek has successfully realized the industrialization of quantum communication technology through continuous technological innovation and actively promoting the transformation of achievements into practical applications.

   As a state-owned assets operation and management company of Chinese Academy of Sciences, CASH and CASFOF shoulder the historical responsibility of transferring and transforming scientific and technological achievements of CAS into valuable (consumer) products. The linkage of "innovation chain, industry chain and capital chain“ is an unique example of the actual integration of the quantum communication industry. In November 2015, after the completion of QuantumCTek investment, CASH together with the technical team of academician Pan Jianwei and University of science and technology of China, initiated the establishment of CAS quantum communication network Co., Ltd. At the same time, CASH led the establishment of China quantum communication industry alliance to build a sustainable quantum communication industry ecosystem. Through construction and actively operating of quantum communication network, CASH has opened up upstream and downstream quantum communication industry chain and promoted cluster development of quantum communication industry.

   As a state-owned capital investment and operation platform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CASH supports QuantumCTek strongly. Relying on the advanced layout of the national strategic core science and technology by CAS, CASH holdings focuses on building "quantum, ion, photon" and other "three sub" industries. At present, the "quantum" in the "three sub" has taken the lead in realizing industrialization and large-scale development through the "three chain linkage". Currently CASH’s top management continues to increase its support to better promote the development of Ion, Photon and other future-gen industries.

   Listing Ceremony

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